run-of-the-mill: ありきたりの

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le CarreのA Most Wanted Manに以下の表現があった。

Issa is just an ordinary, run-of-the-mill spy's son like me, on his way to claim his dirty legacy from me, ... 「イッサは,私と同じくごくふつうの,ありきたりのスパイの息子で,汚れた遺産を引き出すために私のところに向かっている。...」

A run-of-the-mill person or thing is very ordinary, with no special or interesting features.
I was just a very average run-of-the-mill kind of student...

ordinary, with no special or interesting features a run-of-the-mill job
I didn't want to do just a run-of-the-mill job.
These should be run-of-the-mill problems to the experienced manager.

From 1922; from the fact that product produced by a mill should be uniform and like that of any other similar run.


『新英和大辞典 第6版』:
Much water runs by the mill that the miller knows not of.
《諺》 人の知らぬ間にいろいろな変化が起こるもの.

『新英和中辞典 第7版』:
The mills of God grind slowly.
《諺》 天の報いは遅い(かもしれないがどんな悪事も必ず罰せられる), 「天網恢々((てんもうかいかい))疎((そ))にして漏らさず」.
through the m*ll 苦しい経験をして, 厳しく鍛えられて
・go through the mill 苦しい経験[厳しい訓練]を経る
・be put through the mill 厳しく鍛えられる

『リーダース英和辞典 第2版』:
No mill, no meal.
《諺》 'まかぬ種は生えぬ'.
A mill cannot grind with the water that is past.
《諺》 通り過ぎた水では水車も粉はひけない《過ぎ去った時間は使えない[過去の幸福は戻らない]から現在に生きよ》.